Before Upload
Review Cornerstone Copy Center's File Setup for Print Guide. It will guide you through the requirements for a print-ready upload and help avoid any potential production hold.
File Requirements
  • File Type: Single pages for each side, with Crop Marks & Bleed, in 1 PDF upload, regardless of file size.
  • Document Size: Final Size (W" x H") with .125" Bleed.
Double-sided printing requires contact before upload(s)
Artwork Requirements
  • Bleed: 0.125"
  • Margin: 0.5"
  • Image Resolution: 300 DPI

After Upload
You'll be automatically directed into the Design Studio to preview & proof the artwork before completion.
***IMPORTANT: Please review the following before uploading your artwork to avoid delay in processing your order.***
  • The uploaded Document Size must match the Ordered Size shown above.
    When creating your design, it is very important to configure the correct document page size in your application to match the final size that will be ordered. Example: When ordering a 5x7 inch item, the artwork uploaded must be created on a document page size that is 5x7 inches.
  • Artwork must show Crop Marks indicating where your piece will trimmed. Before exporting your file to PDF, be sure to select the option in your export settings that will show Crop Marks or Trim Marks.
  • Artwork must include a proper BleedBox around all edges. The background image and/or color should extend past the document's Trim Line (we recommend 0.125 in.) The only exception is when the artwork has a white background. Before exporting your file to PDF, be sure to select the option in your export settings that will show Bleed.
Please call us at 952-891-8700 with questions. If you need Cornerstone to fix any issues, an additional design fee may apply. For more detailed artwork guidelines, click here.

Drag and drop your PDF file into the 'Drag a file here' dotted box below or click the 'Select File' button (For files larger than 50MB, click the 'Files Larger Than 50MB' button, if available).

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