About Adoption Profile Brochures
  • Finished size (folded): 8½ x 11 inches
  • Open size: 17 x 11 inches
  • 4 pages
  • 100# premium paper or card stock available
​​Note: This product is only available as a 4 page project. If more than 4 pages are needed for your project, check out Adoption Profile Booklets.
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Printed Proof Available:
Picture quality and overall color, brightness and saturation can appear different on-screen when compared to the final printed piece. A printed proof allows the opportunity see your project trimmed to size. It also allows you the opportunity to catch errors, adjust or replace pictures, and change things that may have been overlooked. This is especially recommended when ordering large quantities.

Need to share your project for proof-reading? 
Email a preview of your project from your Account > Saved Projects.

Shareable PDF file available:  
During checkout, you can purchase a Shareable PDF that is intended for on-screen viewing only. The Shareable PDF file will not allow any user to print or edit the file.

Your project can only be printed by Cornerstone Copy and a printable version is not available for purchase. 

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