Upload Print-Ready PDFs Only

Click here for a visual example.

Size: The document size configured in your uploaded artwork must match the size that is being ordered. If the artwork size does not match the ordered size, your order will be put ON HOLD and you will be contacted for clarification.

Bleed: Include extra image and background around the edge of your design so it extends past the trim line.

Crop Marks: Include trim marks in your artwork file to indicate where your piece should be trimmed.

If you do not have a PDF with crop marks and bleeds, we recommend using our online designer to create your design and submit your order. Otherwise, feel free to contact us to place your order.

File Requirements

  • File Type: PDF (with crop marks and bleed).

  • Document Size: Final Trim Size (W" x H") with 0.125 inch Bleed

  • Document Setup: One page for each printed side. Do not step-up multiple pieces on one page. Our team will take care of any impositioning needed.

  • PDF Export Settings: Include Crop Marks and Bleed

 Artwork Best Practices

  • Image Resolution: 300 DPI or higher

  • Safe Area / Margin: 0.5 inch

  • Bleed: 0.125 inch

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