March is Minnesota FoodShare’s Campaign for Food Shelves Around the State

What can we help you with today?

This is a vital time for food shelves to stock their shelves in an effort to assist those in need.  Your donations this month helps determine a percentage of sharing to 360 Communities from Minnesota FoodShare. 360 Communities is seeking businesses that would like to coordinate a food drive with their staff.  To date 18 businesses have signed on to assist 360 Communities in this effort.  We would like to see 50+ companies involved in this effort.

This year’s goal is $60,000 and 70,000 pounds of food.  Click on this link for more information 360 Communities Food Drive .

Items most needed: Cereal (hot and cold), powdered milk, pancake mix and syrup, peanut butter and jelly, tuna, tuna helper or chicken helper, canned meat, pasta and sauce, rice and beans, flour, sugar, whole grain snack crackers, granola or cereal bars, canned fruit, coffee, tea, cooking oil, laundry detergent, dish soap, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels), personal care products (tooth paste, bar soap, shampoo), disposable diapers (all sizes), cash donations are needed to purchase bulk items, gift cards to purchase fresh nutritious food, school supplies (notebooks, folders, pens and pencils), warm clothing (hats, mittens, blankets).

Minnsota Food Shelf Drive

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